091513_me_HEADSHOT_001Rick first picked up a camera as a young adult while living at Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado. There he developed a deep appreciation of composing a shot through the camera’s viewfinder. He shot in film and eventually learned to process and print his own film in the darkroom. He joined the digital revolution in the early 2000’s. Early on he experimented with different digital processing techniques with mixed results. Not completely satisfied with his know-how in the digital realm, Rick enrolled into the graphic design program at the Art Institute of Colorado in 2006. There he learned not only the technical aspects of digital imagery, but also in depth composition skills such as the Gestalt Theory. He also processes all images by hand and never uses automated filters. Each photo is meticulously adjusted for color balance, contrast, and lightness using past darkroom methods within a digital word. Rick also soft proofs every photo to ensure they are printed at the highest quality. With his education and many years of trials and tribulations Rick has garnered a complete set of skills of all things in photography. From the time his eye meets the view finder cup to when he presses the shutter button to when he imports the pictures to Photoshop to the moment you open the package containing your prints, Rick hasn’t left one step of the process to chance.